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In today’s uncertain and ever-changing business world, cloud technology is quickly becoming an indispensable tool to help companies gain greater efficiency and resilience. In fact, 91% of organizations1 in the U.S. use a public cloud, and 72% use a private cloud. Most organizations opt to use both—with 69% choosing to utilize a hybrid cloud solution.

From assessment to migration and ongoing management, we will help you accelerate your business with cloud technology.


We offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), which delivers everything you need, including state of the art servers, storage, networking, and operating software. IaaS, along with our Cloud offerings, will help you minimize expenses while increasing productivity and security across your IT environment.

We create a customized plan for your organization as you begin or continue cloud services. Our cloud consulting services include:

  • Application development, data analytics, and cloud and data center solutions.
  • The customized guideline, complete with a business proposal, assimilation plans, infrastructure analysis, and devising analytics.
  • Moving existing workloads to new or existing platforms.
  • Economic modeling for various cloud host options.


We’ve created a unique and strategic cloud consulting process:

  • Assessment—we start by reviewing applications, examining possible solutions, experimenting, and analyzing effectiveness. We also review and appraise your current technical compatibilities and organizational goals.
  • Construction—then, we construct and outline detailed objectives and implement a plan on how to achieve these objectives.
  • Formation—in this phase, we move towards execution, migration, and expansion.
  • Optimization—lastly, we optimize what works best. We implement best practices and advance existing processes.

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