Simplifying Cloud & Data Center Transformation

We offer advisory, implementation, optimization, and management services for your data center.

Whether your organization already utilizes cloud technology or is just starting to explore cloud options, we understand that cloud solutions are an ongoing and ever-changing process.

The ever-evolving technologies combined with the added challenges of working with a public cloud and multiple platforms makes it more critical than ever to execute a thoughtful and strategic plan for migrating and managing the cloud environment and transforming your data center.


While cloud-based services are cost-effective, they are also complicated and challenging to manage if you’re not an experienced IT professional. Trying to operate this on your own can result in extreme frustration and hours of lost time.

Our US-based cloud experts will help you select the appropriate cloud option—public, private, or hybrid. They will work with you to ensure you understand the technology, potential challenges, and customized solutions.

We provide end-to-end solutions from cloud consulting to execution and migration and finally to management and optimization.

Our full suite of cloud management services includes:

Managed Infrastructure: We manage your servers, network, storage, and other infrastructure components from our data center. This saves you time, money, and space. You don’t have to build an entire data center on your own and manage it on-site. While our expert IT engineers will manage your infrastructure, you can access it and the resources you need at any time.

Private Cloud: We give organizations the option of transferring your data to a private cloud supervised by our cloud technicians. This is treated and billed as a monthly service, as opposed to a direct business expense. We will manage your equipment from your data center.

Maintenance & Monitoring: One of the highest costs for an organization’s IT department is the support needed to maintain their systems on a day to day basis. Allowing us to manage your systems gives you time to address more critical issues and revenue-generating actions. We monitor all servers 24x7x365 for any inconsistencies to prevent potential problems and stop them before they occur.

Upgrades: we’ll take care of all upgrades to ensure your data center is up to date and secure.

Rapid Incident Resolution: If a problem occurs within your infrastructure, we will resolve the incident quickly to minimize disruption. Our IT engineers have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to resolve complicated issues promptly.

Reporting: We’ll provide you with fundamental cloud data regarding your system. We offer real-time and accurate reports, so your IT staff can make informed and intelligent decisions about your cloud services needs.

Benefits of Cloud Migration 

  • Automatic updates
  • No need to store large hardware onsite
  • Increased security
  • Enhanced document management
  • Lower costs
  • Predictable monthly expenses
  • 24x7x365 monitoring
  • Reduced downtime
  • Rapid response to threats


  • Planning: In this phase, our cloud experts sit down with you to assess your current needs, short and long-term objectives, answer all your cloud-related questions and explain the services we offer.
  • Recommendation: After assessing your organization’s unique goals and objectives, we will deliver a proposal of recommended cloud solutions we offer
  • Execution: After reviewing the proposal and deciding on your cloud solutions, our dedicated team of cloud experts will begin transferring your data to your designated cloud program. From there you will be able to access everything you need, in one place.


When organizations built their centers before the explosion of new technology like smartphones, tablets, and data exceeding gigabytes climbing up to exabytes and zettabytes, they never dreamed technology would expand so drastically that their systems wouldn’t be able to keep up.

By handing over the responsibilities of bringing your date centers up to date to a managed services provider, you ease the workload of your IT staff. The days of depleting your budgets, staff resources, and scrambling to update your data center to current standards are long gone.

You can rest assured that your trusted service provider will manage all elements of your data center: security, network services, storage, and much more. You also have the option to have your data center managed on-site or off-site at Datavocity’s data center. We’ll provide the performance and security you require from networking services within your data center.

System Management: We monitor your operating systems, servers, and applications 24x7x365 to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

Storage Solutions: We host storage and provide solutions in our state-of-the-art data center. Our team of cloud experts will conduct upgrades, maintain and monitor all systems, and manage hardware and software to detect potential threats before they can cause any damage.

Network & Infrastructure Monitoring: Our data center provides continuous monitoring of your network connections and devices for potential hazards. We will look for anomalies in traffic and key performance indicators and provide customized solutions to get you back on track. Also, we handle all updates, installation, and troubleshooting for software.

Wireless Infrastructure Options: We monitor your wireless network, hardware, and operating systems. We perform any necessary installations, troubleshooting, and upgrades.

Database Administration: Data is the foundation of IT infrastructures, and they are built around it. Our IT engineers are your personalized database administrators. They’ll handle everything from installation, configuration, and management of database software, as well as system backup and restoration.

Benefits of Data Center Transformation 

  • Improves IT dexterity
  • Enhances overall efficiency
  • Lowers required manual maintenance
  • Reduces staff and operational costs

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