Superior IT Support and Management for Public Agencies

Ensuring a seamless IT experience to increase your organization’s engagement and productivity.

To serve the public, modern public agencies need fast, dependable, and protected access to growing amounts of data. Government organizations need scalable, proactive IT support, unwavering cybersecurity, and a cost-effective approach to attain them.

Our public sector managed services team will help your agency address IT challenges to increase performance and security.


  • Consulting: whether you need all-inclusive IT support, assistance building an IT strategy and budgeting, a guideline to upgrading your technology, or an expert to assist you in leveraging the latest technology trends, Datavocity has the knowledge, experience, and resources to guide you through the process.
  • Service Desk: we understand that government organizations are not a nine to five operation. Our managed service desk supports you 24x7x365. Our experts will keep your network running securely and efficiently to improve the productivity of your employees.
  • Internal Management: most organizations need assistance in managing day-to-day tasks. We handle these tasks so that you don't have to, ultimately saving you time, resources, and expenses.

Key areas we assist with include onboarding new users, system training, hardware setup, password resets, new user training, deboarding end users, and hardware repair. Our government IT support services bring certified IT experts right to you.


Having an enhanced infrastructure allows your agency to run more effectively. Implementing IT infrastructure is fundamental for government agencies looking to improve their overall operational performance, decrease technology costs, and increase security and support for employees and the general public.

We can provide you with best-in-class solutions to achieve your goals. Solutions offered include data analytics, security, networking, and data center optimization.


We use a four-step plan for implementing IT modernization for government organizations.

  • Assess: determine your objectives, current processes, identify opportunities for performance enhancements, and cost savings.
  • Designsuggest related technologies and services and log deployment plans, budgets, and timelines.
  • Supervise: effectively monitor all systems to make sure they are running properly and aid when needed.
  • Execute: facilitate product fulfillment, configuration, and integration.

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From technology procurement to managed services, Datavocity is committed to excellence in delivering end-to-end technology solutions.

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