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We help deliver the best possible experience for students, teacher, and staff so your institution can harness the power of technology in and out of the classroom.

Even before COVID-19, technology had revolutionized the way students were learning in the classroom. Now, more than ever, institutions need reliable and safe technology for its students, teachers, and administration.

But with swift changes in technology and in policies, many institutions may struggle to keep up with implementing and maintaining technology at their schools.

We understand that you want to make smart technology investments that boost learning while keeping costs affordable and ensuring students' safety.

Educational institutions require a reliable network and secure infrastructure to support it. If you are working with low bandwidth, lack of Wi-Fi access points, or have a declining data center, Datavocity can help you modernize your network for better user experience for teachers and students alike.

Implementing technology to assist in classroom and virtual learning is practiced now more than ever. Educators are augmenting their teaching with tablets, laptops, live-streaming apps, and educational software to give students a competitive advantage to succeed.

If you are an educational institution that provides devices to your students, it's imperative to inform students and their parents that you will have access to the programs to help them succeed in the classroom. Your school must have the appropriate IT support for all devices and applications.

There are three main areas you should consider when incorporating new technology into your school system:

  • Device Safety
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Tech Support

Ensuring Device Safety for Students
Managing the safety of the devices your institution provides for students' use is of paramount importance. Institutions need a centralized solution to maintain the security and integrity of their IT systems and protect students from malignant content that has become so easily accessible on the internet.

We help you develop a unified solution to easily manage your devices and prevent problems before they occur. We can help you protect your students and ensure that your technology is being used in educational and constructive ways by establishing firewalls to filter content and implementing a mobile device management solution.

Create a Detailed Policy
We know that parents want transparency when it comes to devices that the school provides for their children. Our industry experts will assist your school in developing and implementing a detailed written policy and procedure guide so that students and parents can understand the rules and responsibilities that apply when using school-issued devices.

Supporting Your Devices
There will be issues with your devices from time to time. You will need a support function to resolve these issues. You can easily outsource your device management to Datavocity, and our US-based IT experts will handle all your device management needs, including supporting and resolving technical issues. This gives your IT department time to focus on more pressing matters.

Whether you are looking to incorporate new technology devices into your school system or are having trouble managing current devices, we can assist you. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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